1. Helping out of Disability

In disability, mostly we have faced the cases of Post-Polio, which is a viral disease that can affect nerves and can lead to partial or full paralysis. The cases of C.T.E.V are at second number and cases of BOWLEGS (GENU VARUM) are at third number. C.T.E.V is congenital defects which marked by combination of abnormality consisting of: forefoot adduction and supination through midtarsal joints, Varus heel through subtalar joint and equinus beyond ankle and foot is deviated to medial if viewed from knee joint. Bowlegs are external deviation of the knee(s); a certain degree is normally present in infants, and corrects itself with bipedal ambulation; when excessive, rickets is considered.

Farrukh foundation help poor disable persons and consult with Khalid Rehablitation Center for rehabilitation. The treatment is much expensive and beyond the limit of poor people. Farrukh foundation, with the help of donars, facilitates poor people. By rehabilitating those people, Farrukh foundation play the dual role for the society. Firstly, it helps to give productive people to society and secondly it minimizes the threat of poverty, which a society and household has to bear in case of person disability. Following are some pictures of rehabilitated persons and this is possible only with the help of Almighty Allah and deliberate efforts of Farrukh foundation and donors. We aim to extent this circle more broaden but this is only possible with your help.

2. Helping out of hunger

On 2nd of every month the president of Farrukh foundation, Mrs. Farrukh, distributed the Ration among 100 poor households of tariqabad and other surroundings of Faisalabad city. In each package there was one month Ration for the 6 to 7 member's household. On distribution, the president of Farrukh foundation promised with the families that in near future she planned to distribute the sewing machines among poor women. She said that "She believes that women can play their role simultaneously with men and hence play their role in family empowerment and reducing the poverty and hunger".